Nutrition Project – BIOLOGY

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Essay including Food Chart , Exercise tracking


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I have also attached the assignment intrucstion and an example essay but it doesnt have excercise tracking yet.

Nutrition Project – BIOLOGY
Nutrition Project South Texas College General Biology 1408V Professor Teter By: The reason for choosing the Nutrition Project was because I have become overweight in the last couple of years and it seems to be affecting my Health. For the most part many of us know that in our Hispanic culture males tend to have complications in the following areas Diabetes, Heart disease, and High Cholesterol, with this project I plan on focusing on a healthy life style with the help of exercise and tracking what I consume. To kick start my way and get my motivation going I watched a movie called Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead by Joe Cross. In 2011 Joe released his documentary about his personal transformation from a life of overindulgence and illness to a happy, healthy, vital state of being, all through the consumption of fruits and vegetables. When I saw how he could reboot his life through plant-based diet I too wanted to try it and follow what he had set off throughout millions of others around the world. Although, I had questions about how a plant could possible provide you with all the nutrition and protein needed to survive I decided to take it to the test. (Well I am taking a biology class right?) If you have not seen this movie I recommend it for you. During the weeks I was not juicing I ate a normal 3 meals a day, with 2 snacks routine. To get a better understanding of what I was doing I used the Healthy Body Calculation cite which was able to provide me with correct information and a guide to what I needed in order to loose my weight. According to it as per my age 35, male, height 5’6, weight 228lbs I am consider overweight. The proper healthy body weight range is: 114 to 154lbs. As per my BMI 36.9 I am consider to be Obese Class II and am at risk of chronic disease, which included: type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke and cancer. My BMI should be between 18.5-25 to be considered free from any healthy problems. After obtaining the information on my BMI I developed a chart: Date Weight Body Fat % Lean Weight Body Fat BMI 2/10/14 228 46.41% 122.51 106.09 36.8 3/9/14 215 41.88 % 125.36 90.24 34.7 4/11/14 216 43.50% 122.04 93.96 34.9 With this chart you have a better understanding on how my BMI changes with my weight as the time goes by. As far as my Nutrition Facts the calories, proteins, fat and carbohydrate that are customized for my body are 1200 calories per day. Which of course, I know that I consume more than that in one-day. At the beginning of the semester we were asked to gather information on ourselves in regards to our weight, measurement, food intake, and of course what fitness program we were planning on using. The table below provides you with detailed measurements of my mid-section, and upper torso area. I have provided you with three different time frames so that you can see the transformation from the beginning to the end. Date: Weight Waist Hip Chest Shoulders Neck 2/10/14 228 44.00 48.75 45.25 45.50 15.50 3/9/14 215 37.50 47.00 43.75 44.25 15.00 4/11/14 216 39.00 47.25 43.75 44.00 15.00 However, throughout this paper I will continue to provide you with more in-depth information and data to how I accomplished some of my goal. Is consuming more food than energy expended? Yes, only because at the beginning I was consuming more calories than burning with exercise. According to app I should be burning up to 2089 calories every time I work out. Nevertheless, I found that I was not doing that so I had to change my exercise routine and added some time in the sauna. My calorie intake needed to be adjusted as well. So by the second week I reduced my intake of food and expended my energy level more so that I could start burning more calories. I would do jiu-jitsu 5 days a week for about 2 hours and sat in the sauna for about 20-30minutes everyday as well. I noticed that since I was doing that I needed to drink more water to stay hydrate. Throughout that semester we have learned how our body works and what it needs to survive which I have learned to put into practice. It is very important that in order to lose weight the right way you need to burn more then what you put into your body. Exercise is one of the most important key element in getting your metabolism going which allows your body to work just has hard to burn fat. Is the diet analysis of calories or nutrients higher than expected? Yes, but only in certain weeks. Throughout the week days I observed that I was trying to eat less or at least manager my intake of food with using the McGraw- Hill Biology Virtual Lab Nutrition exercise and it seemed to be that on some day I ate more than other especially on the weekend. My calories always seemed to get higher as the weekend approached. For the most part my weekends consisted of having barbecues with friend and having a couple of drinks, which I know add more calories and of course my energy level was not being expended like I would have approximated. Another down fall that I noticed was that during the time that I was off for Spring Break my calories were a lot higher only because my wife was allowed to cook more which gave me time to sit and enjoy my meal versus eating on the go or on a time limit. Addition to being home I had more access to the junk food, which was suppose to be only available for my kids not me, of course this was not the case. For an example my 8-year-old son would eat cookies and milk everyday for snack and he would always say, “come on dad have some with me” and there I would go consuming the calories that I did not need. Another problem I found myself doing was staying at home and making excuses for myself not to get out of bed and go to the gym or class. Eating out has higher calories and is more expensive than eating at home? I believe this question can be looked at in two ways. To begin with the fast food chains are starting to change their food menus to include low calories meals and have smaller portion sizes. Is it expensive I think it depends on what you are buying, for the most part families are always on the go so purchasing fast food is so much easier and a lot of fast foods have dollar menus. On the other hand, eating a lot of fast food can cause bad healthy habit making individual to consume more and gain weight. Eating at home can also cause a dent in your pocket. For one to choice to eat healthy it can become pretty expensive, having to maintain healthy diets cause you to be very careful with what things you want to eat. When I decided to eat healthier I found myself going to the grocery just about every other day and even more when I was juicing. Having to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables became a big expensive in my opinion. Did you gain or lose weight? Did you gain or lose inches? Is there a difference? What did you learn? As you can see from the table in the beginning I lost weight but also lost a lot of inches. The Nutrition project gave me the great start that I need, but as I continued with the project I found myself not doing as much as I wanted later on through the month. Most of it was because different thing came up and I just would put it off. However, on the three round I didn’t gain as much weight but I did increase on my inch size, which I did not want, but without exercise it was bound to happen. I learned that with proper meal plan and exercise plan anything can be accomplished, one just needs to remember that it must work hand in hand to get the end results that you are looking for. Calorie Chart and Food Journal Week 1 Total of Calories Total Fat Total Carbohydrates Total Proteins 2/10/14 3036 238 100 300 2/12/14 1439 55 68 156 2/14/14 2181 153 70 229 2/16/14 3504 261 127 264 Total: 10160 707 365 949 Week 2 2/24/14 671 10 36 49 2/26/14 671 10 36 49 2/28/14 671 10 36 49 3/2/14 671 10 36 49 Total: 2684 40 144 196 Week 3 3/10/14 2555 189 80 264 3/12/14 2353 192 85 158 3/14/14 3165 210 136 204 3/16/14 3832 275 134 328 Total: 11905 866 435 954 Week 4 3/24/14 1760 107 72 140 3/26/14 1902 116 81 142 3/28/14 1868 136 63 160 4/2/14 3206 224 125 238 Total: 8736 583 341 680 Food Journal Week 1 2/10-16/14 Breakfast: Egg Muffin, banana, melon, water Am Snack: Cottage cheese, water Lunch: Tuna Sub., lettuce, tomato, potato chips, tea Pm Snack: Trail mix, water Dinner: Pasta, ground beef, broccoli, water Total: Calories 3036 2/12/14 Breakfast: Cereal, banana, milk Am Snack: Apple, water Lunch: Chicken, Rice, mash potato, water Pm Snack: Almonds, pineapple, water Dinner: Chicken Salad, water Total: Calories 1439 2/14/14 Breakfast: Eggs, bread, milk Am Snack: Cottage cheese, mix nuts, water Lunch: Cheeseburger, chips, tea Pm Snack: yogurt, water Dinner: Enchiladas, Rice, water Total: 2181 2/16/14- Sunday Breakfast: Eggs, turkey bacon, pancakes, milk Am snack: banana, melon, water Lunch: Tacos, taco salad, tea Pm snack: cashews, mixed nuts, water Dinner: Double cheeseburger, onion rings, soda, ice cream Total calories: 3504 Week 2 2/24-3/2/14 Breakfast: Adovcare Spark energy drink Am snack: Orange, water Lunch: Advocare meal replacement shake, water Pm snack: Apple, water / Spark energy drink Dinner: Advocare meal replacement shake, water. Total Calories: 671 Week 3 3/10-16/14 Breakfast: Pancake, eggs, turkey bacon, water Am snack: mixed nuts, water Lunch: Chicken nuggets, onion rings, soda Dinner: Burrito, French-fries, tea Total Calories: 2555 3/12/14 Breakfast: Flour tortilla, Eggs, potato, beans, cheese, Orange juice Snack: trail mix, water Dinner: Tuna salad, lettuce, tomato, bread, potato chips, tea Total Calories: 2353 3/14/14 Breakfast: Corn tortilla, refried beans, eggs, Orange juice Am snack: cookies and milk Lunch: Cheeseburger, onion rings, soda, tomato, lettuce Pm snack: ice cream, candy, water Dinner: ground beef, rice, tortilla chips, tea Total Calories: 3165 3/16/14 Breakfast: eggs, pork chops, Orange juice Am snack: apple pie, chocolate, water Lunch: Fried chicken, mash potato, green beans, pasta, tea Dinner: Enchilada, ground beef, rice, soda, ice cream Total Calories: 3832 Week 4 3/24-30/14 Breakfast: Bread, peanut butter, milk Am snack: Multigrain roll, Orange juice Lunch: Nachos, ground beef, tomato, lettuce, water Pm snack: Pretzels, water Dinner: Soup Total calories: 1760 3/26/14 Breakfast: Bagel, cream cheese, Orange juice Am snack: applesauce, water Lunch: Tuna Salad, bread, lettuce, tomato, water Pm snack: carrots, broccoli, salad dressing, water Dinner: Chicken fillet, French fries, tea Total Calories: 1902 3/28/14 Breakfast: yogurt, pear, water Am snack: cottage cheese, water Lunch: Hot dog, bread, cheese, water Pm snack: apple pie, water Dinner: Chicken potpie, water Total Calories: 1868 3/30/14 Breakfast: egg muffin, Orange juice Am snack: cookies, milk Lunch: Pizza, soda Pm snack: chocolate covered almonds, ice cream, water Dinner: Pork chops, pasta, mash potato, baked beans, ice cream, water Total Calories: 3206 Note that this project contains no exercise tracking! Exercise should be included in the report. Citation page McGraw-Hill Biology Virtual Lab Nutrition Exercise 11

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