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Assignment Details

There are five questions/problems on this assignment.  Attempt ALL problems

Please show your working so that any errors can be tracked as part of your feedback.

1.  Thiazole (C3H3NS) occurs natrually as part of vitamin B1 (thiamin)

such as in pasta and bread. 

Thiazoles have anti-tumor and anti-viral properties

but most thiazole compounds are flavourings.  If it is combusted perfectly in

air the products are carbon dioxide, water, hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and nitrogen.

What is the balanced reaction?  [8 marks]

What is the RMM of thiazole?  [2 marks]

What is the fuel-air mass ratio?  [5 marks]

What is the oxygen depletion?  [4 marks]

What is the yield of CO2?  [2 marks]

What is the yield of H2O?  [2 marks]

What is the yield of N2?  [1 mark]

For ideal combustion, what is the yield of carbon-monoxide?  [1 mark]

You may assume the composition of air is 21% O2 and 79 % N2.  A periodic table is provided overleaf, should you need one.

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