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CSO Assessment 2: Research project (40%)


For this assignment, you are required to conduct independent research to develop a case study of a business company that successfully makes a business case for sustainability; in other words, a company that can claim benefits from the integration of sustainability principles and practices in its culture and strategy. This assignment is due in Week 8, and must be submitted both through Turnitin and in hard copy.


While you may focus on a company of your choice, the following companies have a good reputation with regard to sustainability:







Novo Nordisk






Your research will produce a 1,500 word report structured around the following headings: 

1. Introduction

Introduce the topic, explaining aims and objectives of the research project with a brief overview of your case study. Provide details of the methodology you used in the research (e.g., literature review of academic works on the topic, corporate website, annual reports, brochures; face-to-face interviews).

2. The company

A sound description of the company under examination, including its sector, size, structure and a brief history. Examine the company’s mission and strategy, and if relevant explain how it came to adopt sustainability principles and practices. 

3. Findings 

What are the main findings of your research? Describe how the company enacts sustainability through leadership, strategy and organisational culture. What is the sustainability model used? How does the company evaluate and monitor sustainability initiatives? Has it faced any challenges in the implementation of sustainability strategies? 

4. Analysis

Analyse the above findings bearing in mind questions such as: How does the company define sustainability? Has transformational leadership played a role in the shift towards sustainability? Can this company make a business case for sustainability? If yes, what are the grounds for the business case? How are systems thinking taken into account?

5. Conclusion

What can you conclude from this case study? Do the findings of your case study reflect major trends in society? What future studies could be conducted to shine further light on this topic?

6. References

Please use a minimum of five (5) academic references.

7. Appendices

If relevant, attach copies of documents containing additional information on the company (e.g., graphs, charts, etc.). Identify them as App 1, 2, 3, etc.

iNote: The report is to be submitted with an Assignment Cover Sheet and also a copy of the marking criteria sheet attached at the end.

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waiting for your response. All instructions need to be followed.

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