my famous deviant person are there attempts to exit this deviance or is there a struggle

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NOTE: The Deviant is Charles Manson

The class project challenges you to identify and select a famous person (television, Hollywood, news media) who you believe is an example of deviance. In Part 2 you applied theories of deviance to your person. In part 3 of the class project, you thought of yourself as sociologist attempting to explain your person’s behavior and applied the seven stages of deviance to your deviant person. In Part 4 of this project, you will examine whether your selected deviant person has ever exited their deviance or struggle with exiting their deviance?

Estimated Time

You should spend approximately 10 hours on this task.


  • Review the parts of this project you have already completed including the characteristics of why you person is deviant, what deviance theories you applied to your person and what stages of deviance this person demonstrates and displays.
  • Answer the following: what is the current deviant status of your person if your person is living or what ultimately happened to this person’s struggle with deviance if your person is deceased? Examples include: Did you person fight their deviance and actively seek professional help such as rehab or counseling? Or, did your person not ever exit their deviance and perhaps join others who are deviant like them, giving this person a specific structure and organization in their lives?
  • Consider and apply this question to your person: Is this person’s deviance and/or criminal behavior just an organized reaction to a self-fulfilling prophecy of people who just don’t fit in normal society but fit in with one another?
  • Specify specific behaviors, personality traits and life examples of your deviant person and how these character traits relate to this person either exiting or not exiting their deviance.
  • Using the knowledge about deviance obtained in this module, combined with information learned in the first, second and third modules, to describe the efforts of your deviant person to exit their deviance or specific examples of how your person has never left the deviant lifestyle.
  • You may also justify your deviant persons attempts, or none exit of their deviance by using specific references from this particular module or other modules covered in this class Your justification can come from the activities, your readings, or any materials you explored during this module.

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