Multiple Regression in Practice (Article Critique)

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Assignment 2 – Multiple Regression in Practice (Article Critique)

In Assignment 2 you will locate a quantitative research article that used a Multiple Regression to analyze the results. This should be a paper that describes the collection and analysis of data using multiple regression. We are learning about standard multiple regression, so it would be best to restrict your search to standard (vs. hierarchical or stepwise regression – AKA statistical regression).

It is OK if other statistics are included in the study – only discuss the Multiple Regression. Only report one result, not all of the results in the paper.

Here is a link to the Course Guide and Assignment Help found in this week’s Learning Resources. Use it to help you search for your article

You will write a2 to 3 paragraph (not page) critique of the article you found.

Be sure to
-briefly explain the research question so your readers can follow your discussion.
-explain why the authors used multiple regression (consider the type of research question and the measurement of the variables)
– Explain whether their choice was appropriate – support your position with reference to our course materials
– Explain if and how the authors displayed their data (table, graph, other?)
– Critique their data presentation, indicate whether the table or graph was easy to interpret. Explainwhyit was either easy or difficult to interpret. You could offer suggestions for data display if none was included.
– use a scholarly tone and APA format

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