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I work in the Neonatal ICU. In this practice setting there are disease processes in which the protocols for treatment are rapidly changing.  These treatments and care we provide to our neonates are based from evidence based research. New studies are always being done to try and discover what the best approach is to a neonatal disease process. Our neonatologists stay current on these studies and educate the nursing staff on the newest approach. However, in addition to our neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners, our nursing educator and the bedside nurses also research evidence based treatments by pulling articles and studies to discuss with the physicians and nurse practitioners. A common resource we use is “Up to date”. We have a unit based meeting each quarter to discuss some hot topics.

For example, neonates born prematurely before 30 weeks gestation are at a great risk for Intraventricular hemorrhage/bleeding, so it is our responsibility to keep the ICP low. Prior to new evidence based practice, we were elevating the head of the bed 30 degrees to decrease the ICP. However, evidence based research discovered by our neonatologists concludes that maintaining a midline position with the bed flat is more likely to prevent hemorrhage. Once this was discovered, we changed our unit policy for this standard of care, and educated the nursing staff about this change in several different ways. 

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