Kant’s theory on morality is unlike other philosophers, assignment help

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I need a direct reply to this classmates discussion post. It is for the same chapter you did discussion on. Chapter 12. This is not a paper. Just respond to the post directly.  Same as the last time. At lease 6 sentences please.. Thank you. Below is the post.

    Kant’s theory on morality is unlike other philosophers. In contrast to the Utilitarian view, he believes that morality is not based on consequential evidence. It must be of “rational nature” that is the “same in everyone”.  The book states, “A moral principle must be such that one can will that all people, including oneself, should act on it” (p144). He also believes that moral law is not subject to changes, as it is not affected, regardless of whether people follow it.

  Immanuel claims that not all good things are always good. Even a good quality can become negative when it is used in conjunction with a bad quality. He states that reason does not provide us with happiness, but that happiness is a product of good will.

 He then goes on to explain the relationship between duty and good will. Duty derives from good will and not vice versa. “An act done from duty derives its moral value not from the results it produces but from the principle by which it is determined” (p149). What he is saying is that if you act dutiful, that doesn’t make your decision morally sound. A decision is only moral if it done for the sake of good. Our decisions have no purity, if they are not done with a pureness of heart. A good act holds no ground for morality if it is being forced upon us by a pressure of any sort.

 I completely agree with Kant. His theory attempts to go deeper into the human psyche. Morality is not a job. For example, we all know that a lawyer is a lawyer because he practices law, but unlike a job, you cannot classify yourself as a moral individual just because you do something good or you sustain from doing something evil. On the inside you could still be a horrible person who wants to do horrible things but never acts upon them. Therefore, it is not possible to say you’re living a life of morality if you are being forced into it.

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