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Extra credit Assignment. (Print it out and turn it in class)


1] Would you classify viruses as living or nonliving?  Give reasons to explain your answer.

2] Draw a labeled diagram and describe the structure of a Bacteriophage T4. Explain the function of each part.

3] List the differences between the lytic and lysogenic reproductive cycle of a phage.


4] Based on Mendel’s model explain the following terms

a] Alleles

b] Dominant allele

c] Recessive allele

d] Homozygous

e] Heterozygous

f] Phenotype

g] Genotype

5] When Mendel crossed true breed purple flowers with true breed white flowers what did he observe in the F1 generation? Explain the result using a Punnett square.

6] When 2 plants in the F1 generation were crossed, what result did Mendel see (for flower color) in the F2 generation? Explain with a Punnett square.

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