It is just a discussion question so it doesn’t have to be real lengthy but informative

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Discussion 1: After reading Chapters 4 and 5. Discuss the factors, methods, and /or criteria to consider in using human subjects in a research study. Check with JSU research office or any other online research office and find the instructions and forms for requesting the use of humans in research studies. Discussion 2:After reading Chapters 1 through 3. Research a study from a Journal in area of your interest. Using criteria questions from your textbook page 48. Critique the research study. Discussion 3: After reading Chapters 6, 7 and 8 – Describe the best method you would use to select a sample for a research of your choice that you plan to conduct in the future. Locate a data-based research paper from a journal (online or paper) and answer the following questions (Also attach the data-based research paper that you chose to your post): 1. What is the sample size? 2. What probability levels did the researcher use to test their hypotheses? Please respond to at least 2 other student’s post Post your essay on the Discussion section for Module 3- Week 3

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