Introduction to management

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Key Assessment Unit 1 – Assignment: Key Assessment for Learning Objective #1 (Click Here to Submit)

Managerial theories paper

Assignment Purpose:

This assignment will help you become familiar with the different managerial theories that can be seen within the healthcare field.

Assignment Description:

After reading the assigned chapters and supplemental article, choose three of the six theories discussed and create a 500-word minimum APA research paper comparing and contrasting the three theories. Use a Venn diagram to illustrate the theories and how they compare/contrast to each other. For an example Venn diagram, please Google Venn diagram or visit the following website to see an example: In your paper, describe the areas of each theory where they overlap on the diagram as well as where they are separate on the diagram. After the conclusion of your paper, copy your Venn diagram and submit as part of the APA assignment.

Evaluation Criteria:

Grading Criteria Points



Identify 3 managerial theories; compare and contrast the three theories


Venn diagram is included after conclusion of paper


Proper format, length, spelling, and grammar


Include references in APA format, minimum of 2 sources


Uploaded assignment on time in Word document



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