introduction to general mathematics

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You are on your way to a very important doctor’s appointment and just barely have enough time to get to the appointment. You know that if you do not get to the appointment on time, it will cost you $200 and you will not be able to get another appointment for weeks. In your haste, going through your front door, you accidentally tear a big hole in your dress or pants. What do you do now?

Follow Polya’s principles to solve your chosen problem.

Explain your interpretation of what the problem really is about and what the consequences are if the problem is not solved (i.e., do you understand the problem?).

Develop and write down a strategy for solving this problem. What do you need to know or do to solve this problem?

Use your strategy to attempt to solve your chosen problem; show the steps in the correct order for your attempted solution.

Did your strategy actually solve the problem? How do you know?

Suppose that your solution did not solve the problem. What would be your next action?

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