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This is apart of a psychosocial assessment on a client (social work)

I am paying an extra $2 with this section because you may have to download the episode off of Amazon in order to watch it. All of the section need to be answered even if it does not apply with proper grammar and complete sentences.

This is the link to the episode:

I have also uploaded what need to be completed. There is two uploads. The first upload is of Section A questions. and the second upload is of d and e of Section A and Section B questions. I have already started B. Background of Presenting Problem and C.Childhood to Adolescent History but more needs to be added to both of these sections. You will be adding to whatever I already have. This is what I have came up with for the two sections:

A. Background of presenting problem

a. Katherine is a 28-year-old woman and was an ordinary student at a Catholic college in New York before her addiction. She had friends and comes from a strict Catholic background.

b. When she was 16, her parents observed that she developed an eating disorder while attending a parochial school. When she went to the Catholic college, she started experimenting with parties.

c. Her problem started in first year when she was raped and assaulted and did not tell anyone or even call the police. The client says: “you can’t be raped all those times and still be alright.” The rape induced trauma that Katie masked using self-medication (Ullman et al., 2013).

d. Additional contributing factors were her stay in college where she was unsupervised. Failure to have a guardian led her to experiment and get worse with drugs (Van Ryzin, Fosco, & Dishion, 2012). Additionally, she was expelled from school when drugs were found in her dormitory.

e. The family believes that if Katie gets rehabilitation, she could ditch her drug addiction.

B. Childhood to adolescent history

a. The client was brought up in a stable home where she is the only child. She was raised under strict rules and her parents forbade her from watching some movies owing to their strong Catholic roots.

b. Her family has always been her mother and father who have lived in Syracuse all her life. She comes from a closely-knit family hence giving her a sense of security.

c. Katie recalls playing kickball with her friend and neighbor. This memory is warm and it shows signs of stable childhood.

d. The client was disciplined by both her mother and father. She was grounded and denied certain privileges. She feels that sometimes her parents were too strict and hence unfair to her.



g. The security of her childhood is further seen in her expression that she was always a bright child and had perfect scores.

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