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Assignment Prompt: “In Defense Of” Essay

“In Defense Of” Overview

You will write an “In Defense Of” Essay. Your topic needs to be a simple pleasure (inspired by Barbara Holland’s Endangered Pleasures), a physical thing or physical action that you love but that, in our current culture, is otherwise thought of as mundane, unnecessary, boring, irrelevant, forgotten, or generally in need of praise (basically, you know there are certain people who don’t care about the topic or who criticize it). The essay needs to be about 2100 words (about 6-7 pages, double spaced, in TNR font).


Your essay should be an imitation of Barbara Holland’s Endangered Pleasures, which means:

1) that your argument should not just describe your topic / inform your audience about your topic but persuade them to think about it in a new way (We will discuss Holland’s claims in class.)

2) that you should pay close attention to the style of your writing as you develop your argument. (We will cover elements of Holland’s style in class.)

Appealing to Multiple Audiences

You need to consider three different audiences at once: 1) your peers 2) Dr. Lance and 3) a skeptical reader. Make sure you consider that your defense is needed, meaning that you’ve identified and explained a specific context (aka problem) in which the thing / action you are defending is not enjoyed, sought after, praised, etc. (basically, remember that the question of our class is “how does a writer shift a paradigm?”). You need to prove to your audience that it is worthwhile, relevant, enjoyable, necessary, rewarding, etc.

I already wrote the first 700 words and you just need to extend it to 2100 words

Below are examples you can imitate to write

MLA format

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