how is the flint michigan water crisis a case of environmental injustice and racism

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  • The essay contains a clear and explicit argumentativethesis statement.
  • The essay contains explicit, independent, and well-explained reasons for supporting the thesis statement.
  • The essay is clear, logical, organized, and understandable. It contains no major mechanical issues and has correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • The essay considers and adequately responds to at least one strong objection to the thesis statement.
  • The essay critically engages in a significant way with at least two assigned readings.
  • The essay is five to six pages in length.
  • The essay is properly formatted:
    • Double-spaced, 1” margins, 12 pt. Times New Roman font
    • Include a header that consists of the course name, due date, your name, and my name. There is no need for a title page.
    • Include page numbers at the bottom of the essay
    • Citations are formatted according to MLA

Additional information:

  • You can and should liberally use “I”
  • Use signposts
  • Use straightforward, clear, and precise language and unambiguous terminology
  • Use gender neutral language
  • The introduction paragraph should be modest, straightforward, and to the point. Introduce your thesis statement quickly and give a brief roadmap to your essay
  • Avoid loaded language like “ridiculous” or “absurd.” Calling the opposing position absurd is not an argument.
  • Avoid rhetorical questions. Rephrase into a statement.
  • Avoid long quotations from the text or too many quotations. Strike a balance between your words and the authors’.
  • Use articles in the book “3rd edition Environmental ethics, What Really Matters, What Really Works”

1. Introduction 2. What is environmental justice? You need to be clear on what it is and why violations of it are wrong. You could also include environmental racism. 3. The case –– brief explanation of the main facts 4. Connect #2 to #3 –– Why the case is an example of environmental injustice and/or environmental racism. You could bring up more of the facts of the case in here, but you need to tie them explicitly to your criteria for environmental injustice to support your claim. What I don’t want to see is just a list of facts of the case with you assuming that your reader will automatically conclude/agree that these facts mean there was injustice. You have to make the case for that. Connect the facts to your moral claim that there was injustice. This section is the heart of your paper. 5. Objection and response. I’d like to see some that target your moral reasons or look more like moral objections to your claim –– see the objections that Shrader-Frechette responds to for an idea. I assume you’ll use Shrader-Frechette. What will your second article from the syllabus be?

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