how has religion played an important role in the foundation of the united states

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1) Religion has played an important role in the foundation of the United States. From the motivation of the first colonists to the justification of slavery, Americans are uniquely influenced by their faith. Provide four specific instances where religion was a key factor in US History. Be specific in your response using evidence from your textbook, primary source reading, lectures, videos to support your argument.

Essay Prompt

This essay must be 6-8 paragraphs (a paragraph is 3-5 complete sentences, not fragments, not bullet points). 1 paragraph of introduction, 4-6 paragraphs for the body, 1 paragraph of conclusion.

Each essay must include a thesis statement. You need to make an actual argument that needs to be supported with facts.

Each essay needs to rely on evidence found in our textbook, and the OER textbook. YOU MAY NOT use outside sources, like the internet.

You must use a primary and secondary source.

You must cite where you got each piece of evidence [For Example: “The Boston Tea Party happened on December 16, 1773” (US History, pg 130) or “Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address avoids discussion the role of slavery in the Civil War (“Gettysburg Address” in Constructing the American Past) or “The City on a Hill Speech was based off Matthew 5:14” (Early Colonial Life Lecture)]

Put a works cited page.

Use MLA Style citations

Follow the question prompt carefully. If a question asks you to give four specific examples, give four examples. If the question asks you to discuss the cause and effects, please discuss both.

The number one thing that students do wrong in these essays is over-generalize. Be very clear and very explicit. Do not tell me, for example, that the national economy changed because “we started using steam.” That will not receive a passing grade. Instead, you should talk about all the new types of industries, the people who worked them, the policies that went into them, etc, etc.


1. Elliott Gorn, eds, Constructing the American Past: A Sourcebook of a People’s History Vol One to 1877, Oxford University Press, Eight Edition ISBN 9780190857400 The ebook option is available at…

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