How are producers, consumers, and decomposers linked in a food chain?

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The chain is linked in this order:
Producers ##rarr## Consumers ##rarr## Decomposers

The Food chain begins with the



  • Producers are so called because they produce energy. Producers are mostly plants that photosynthesise but they can also be other organisms that carry out such as algae.
  • The animals that eat plants (or other stuff that carry out photosynthesis) are called



There are different types of consumers:

The animal that eats Producers ##rarr## Primary Consumer
The animal that eats Primary Consumer ##rarr## Secondary Consumer
The animal that eats Secondary Consumer ##rarr## Tertiary Consumer

In some cases, there is an animal that eats the Tertiary Consumer; it’s called a Quaternary consumer.

Now, each plant and animal you see in the image above will die one day. Just like every human(also type of consumer) dies one day. That is a fact. That’s how nature works.

So when the producers, the snail, the frog, or the fox dies, the


come to the scene and break down the organism into smaller parts. That’s when we say something


The decomposers are usually and



This is a process that also releases smelly gases like


. So animal carcasses (dead bodies) start to smell when decomposers get to work.

But why exactly are these bodies broken down? That’s because the chemicals which the dead bodies contain can go into the soil and then

nourish new producers

so that it can then provide energy to new consumers.

This is a


of how energy is recycled on earth. Because since the day the earth was formed, no energy has been added to or taken away from the planet. The same is being used over and over again. And decomposers play an important role in that cycle.


, a food chain isn’t that simple. In an area, it’s

a complex web

of many hundreds, thousands of organisms which have an inter relationship with one another. In this way a single organism can be a

secondary consumer

and a

tertiary consumer


Such as the fox in the example below:


Oak tree##rarr##Squirrel##rarr##Fox


Leaf litter##rarr##Earth worm##rarr##Wood mouse##rarr##Fox

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