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Discuss an example of a time when one of the six influences on perception (starting on page 72) caused you to misperceive someone or something in a work situation. What could you have done differently? Also, discuss a time when you were misperceived by someone else and explain why you believe this happened. What could you do to change that misperception? Please be sure to include terms from the Reading in your response.


Reviewing the six influences on perception and relating it to my work environment or a situation that happen between me and someone at work. I can honestly say that I can’t relate any one of the m to a situation with me at work. The reason being is that I’m never in one office long enough to gather a relationship with a co-worker to have a situation flare up between. (I’m a full-time float secretary).

  There have been times that I was misperceived. I can say that thinking that you can read someone mind is not good, because you think you may know a person when in reality you don’t.  My cousin thought that she knew me well enough to surprise me with birthday party. Even though she heard me say that, “I think I want a birthday party.” Little did she know I had changed my mind and plans of what I wanted to do for my birthday; so before I could announce what I wanted to for my birthday she had started planning my party and sent out invites. When she asked me to go out to dinner with her for the earlier party of my birthday, I agreed and little did I know I brought to a surprise party that I didn’t want? I was upset at the point that my plans for birthday were ruined by a party that I didn’t want.  She stated that she heard me say I wanted party and went ahead planned one.  I advised her that she is not a mind reader and should have consulted with me about my plans before she assumed that I still wanted party. What could have done to prevent this from happening is announced to her what I was really doing for my birthday.

.When we mind read, we impose our perspectives on others instead of allowing them to say what they think. This can cause misunderstandings and resentment because most of us prefer to speak for ourselves.


Hello Professor Graves and Class.

After reviewing the text (p. 73) I believe the most conflicted for me would be the expectations perception. I have been at my place of employment for almost 7 years and needless to each time a new individual is hired within my department I am the last person they sit with to obtain all the details after training. I was informed that this newly hired person was upbeat, kind and courteous to others. However after sitting with her I began to see otherwise. Unfortunately the new trainee was very rude and a real disappoint to be around. As stated within our textbook, our expectations also affect what we notice (Bargh, 1999, p. 73). The communication shared was limited, thorough but unprofessional. She would say one thing and I saw her doing the total opposite. As per Wood, expectations influence perceptions in a range of communications situations (1999, p. 73).  After several warnings I had no choice but to inform my immediate manager of the mishaps and the person ended up being terminated. Trust me, it’s not something that I wanted to do but I felt I had no other choice because if you’re sitting with me and your work is not what is expected then I am the one to blame. I do not feel I would have done anything differently because I took every action possible before proceeding to the next level.

I have been misunderstood several times while speaking with an employee or even with my husband. Needless to say, I had to explain myself thoroughly so the issue would not escalate into an argument. It takes listening skills so that you hear the fine details of the on end’s communication. I believe that misunderstandings are perceived differently if the other party is not paying attention. If no one listens it would be hard to understand and it could ultimately change an individual’s expectations of the conversation.


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