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  • This semester we have studied many world issues quite closely. Specifically, we have looked at the United Nations. We learned The United Nations is involved in many developmental goals including poverty, food security, and well-being. This includes the major issue of Global Warming. Global Warming affects all parts of the world, including the world’s people, and animals. Because this is such a global issue, should the United Nations be in charge of the worldwide effort to combat climate change, and all countries including the United States report to the United Nations, or should it be up to individual Countries to make decisions on their own? Why or why not? Please write a MINIMUM of one page, writing more is encouraged. Make sure to write IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

  • This semester we have also discussed The Koreas. The United States currently does not have diplomatic relations with North Korea. Additionally, the United States currently has economic sanctions in place against North Korea. Do you think it should increase sanctions, decrease sanctions, keep sanctions at their current level, or eliminate sanctions entirely? Why or why not? Alternatively, do you think that persistent tension between North and South Korea is a major threat, a minor threat, or not a threat at all to US natioal security? Why or why not? Please use your own words. Write a minimum of one page, double spaced. Don’t forget to cite your work!

There are two separate docs required for this assignment.

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