20th literature 2

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Please include your responses to the following questions in one Word document, with your responses to each question clearly numbered. Your paper should be formatted according to MLA guidelines, but you do not need to include a Works Cited page. As in all of your writing for this course, remember to be original in your writing. Do not simply paraphrase or cite secondary sources from the course.

  • During this term you have read and analyzed a significant amount of literature and discussed how this literature connects to and reflects society. Please discuss what you have learned, how you have grown, or how your views on society at large have changed, as a result of critically analyzing the literature from this term. For example, you might discuss how your views have been further defined, how you became aware of aspects of your life and/or others’ lives that you had not considered before, or what you learned about history, among other topics.
  • Please write a paragraph (at least four sentences) for each prompt below:
    • Which piece of literature did you find most challenging to read and analyze? Why? Include at least one direct quote from the piece in your response.
    • Which piece of literature did you appreciate most? Why? Include at least one direct quote from the piece in your response.
  • Listed below are all of the literary terms connected to the works that we studied this term, reflecting quite a breadth of literary analysis. Please choose four terms from the list and, in a minimum of four paragraphs, write about how they create a lens for analyzing literature. You can write about the terms collectively or separately. You cannot write about terms that you discussed in previous assignments this term. Please refer to at least two pieces of literature when discussing each term, though you do not need to directly quote the work.

In your response to this question, please discuss how four different pieces of literature from this term have affected you. You can paraphrase the texts, though you must also include direct quotes from each text to support your points.

Your response should be a minimum of six paragraphs: an introductory paragraph, four paragraphs that discuss the four pieces of literature, and a concluding paragraph.

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