revise a rhetorical analysis essay 1

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– All you need to do is fix this essay to a complete, perfect essay with all the requirements!
– The most important one is that you have to write a one-page letter details your changes.
– You can include the one-page letter before the essay.

Purpose: This paper will help you practice the steps in the writing process while making an argument. It will also give you practice in considering the significant functions of rhetorical analysis: message, audience, ethos, pathos, logos.

Process: Choose an organization that focuses on solving your problem. Finally, pick a text that this organization has created, i.e. a page(s) on its website, a pamphlet, social media. Be sure to focus on how the text conveys its message using text, visuals, and layout. Include an arguable claim statement and at least three ideas from the text that support your claim.

Write a typed, 12-point, double-spaced, 1,000 to 1,200 word essay.

Incorporate an introduction, conclusion, thesis, transitions, and analysis.

Each paragraph should include a topic sentence, PIE (point, illustration, explanation) formatting, and thesis referencing.

Thesis Statement and Argument: Your thesis statement should make an argument about how the text conveys its message. Check to make sure your thesis focuses on how an argument is made, not on the content included in the text. Your thesis should also be debatable; for full points, the argument chosen will not be obvious simply by looking at the text.

Evidence: Please include a copy of your advertisement in your essay; if you choose a television commercial, include a link. Each of your body paragraphs should have at least one piece of evidence taken from your chosen text. Be sure to describe your evidence using words, even if you pull a screen grab (Ctrl + Print Scrn + the “paste” command in Microsoft Word)

Analysis: In every body paragraph, be sure to explain how the evidence you have chosen proves both your topic sentence and the thesis. In every body paragraph, you will reference your thesis claim.

Organization: Your organizational structure should include the elements we have discussed in class.
These include:
Introduction, conclusion, and at least three body paragraphs
Thesis in the correct spot
Body paragraphs follow layout suggested in thesis
Topic sentences
P.I.E. paragraphs

Editing: Please make your sentences readable and well-articulated. Check for spelling and grammar errors.

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