71) A(n) ________ marketer discovers solutions customers did not ask for but to which they A) laidba

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71) A(n) ________ marketer discovers solutions customers did not ask for but to which they

A) laidback

B) responsive

C) inexperienced

D) creative

E) anticipative

72) ________ marketers are not just market-driven, they are proactive market-driving firms.

A) Creative

B) Responsive

C) Inexperienced

D) Laidback

E) Anticipative

73) Sony is an unusual market leader. It gives its customers new products that they have never asked for (e.g., Walkmans, VCRs, video cameras, CDs). This makes Sony a(n) ________ firm.

A) market-driven

B) market-driving

C) operations-driven

D) vision-driven

E) virtually-driven

74) Which of the following is true about proactive marketing?

A) A company needs creative anticipation to see the writing on the wall.

B) Proactive companies create new offers to serve unmet and unknown consumer needs.

C) Proactive companies refrain from practicing uncertainty management.

D) A company needs responsive anticipation to devise innovative solutions.

E) Companies are winners when they are extremely risk-averse.

75) ________ defense involves occupying the most desirable market space in the minds of the consumers and making the brand almost impregnable.

A) Position

B) Flank

C) Preemptive

D) Mobile

E) Contraction

76) A marketing manager has planned a strategy that will require the organization to erect outposts to protect its weak front-running brands. In this ________ defense, the outposts will be central to the organization's new competitive strategy.

A) position

B) flank

C) preemptive

D) counteroffensive

E) mobile

77) ________ is an aggressive maneuver where the firm attacks first, perhaps with guerrilla action across the market and keeping everyone off balance.

A) Position defense

B) Flank defense

C) Contraction defense

D) Preemptive defense

E) Lateral defense

78) The defensive marketing strategy wherein a stream of new products are introduced by a firm and are announced in advance are referred to as ________ defense.

A) mobile

B) counteroffensive

C) preemptive

D) contraction

E) flank

79) If Microsoft announces plans for a new-product development, smaller firms may choose to concentrate their development efforts in other directions to avoid head-to-head competition. In this example, Microsoft is employing a ________ strategy.

A) preemptive defense

B) counteroffensive defense

C) mobile defense

D) flank defense

E) contraction defense

80) In a ________ defense strategy, the market leader can meet the attacker frontally and hit its flank, or launch a pincer movement so that its forced to pull back to defend itself.

A) position

B) counteroffensive

C) preemptive

D) contraction

E) flank


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