41) Brands that meet consumers’ initial buying criteria are called the ________. A) total set B)

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41) Brands that meet consumers' initial buying criteria are called the ________.

A) total set

B) awareness set

C) consideration set

D) choice set

E) decision set

42) Maria considers buying a car for herself, after she notices the advantages derived by her best friend from his new car. Which of the following forms of stimulus has activated Maria's problem recognition process?

A) external stimuli

B) internal stimuli

C) peer stimuli

D) secondary stimuli

E) marketing induced stimuli

43) With respect to consumer decision making, the ________ is the set of strong contenders from which one will be chosen as a supplier of a good or service.

A) total set

B) awareness set

C) consideration set

D) choice set

E) decision set

44) A(n) ________ is a descriptive thought that a person holds about something.

A) attitude

B) belief

C) desire

D) feeling

E) emotion

45) A(n) ________ puts people into a frame of mind, such as, liking or disliking an object, moving toward or away from it.

A) attitude

B) belief

C) feeling

D) position

E) stance

46) The expectancy-value model of attitude formation posits that consumers evaluate products and services by combining their ________.

A) needs

B) wants

C) desires

D) brand beliefs

E) consuming attitudes

47) ________ are rules of thumb or mental shortcuts in the decision process.

A) Attitudes

B) Beliefs

C) Heuristics

D) Discriminations

E) Biases

48) Even if consumers form brand evaluations, two general factors can intervene between the purchase intention and the purchase decision. One of these is unanticipated situational factors. What is the other factor?

A) Amount of purchasing power

B) Attitudes of others

C) Short-term memory capabilities

D) Ability to return merchandise

E) The self-concept

49) A mobile phone manufacturing company observes that the main reason for an abrupt fall in their sales volume is the unconventional design of their phones that consumers found inconvenient and unattractive. The findings prompt the company to adopt a new strategy. They redesigned the product models keeping the requirements of the end-user in mind. According to the expectancy value-model, the company's strategy can be termed as ________.

A) psychological repositioning

B) real repositioning

C) competitive depositioning

D) physiological depositioning

E) prescriptive method

50) Ford believes its cars to be of higher quality than General Motor's but thinks that consumers wrongly believe the opposite. Ford might employ a(n) ________ strategy to change buyers' perceptions of its competition.

A) real repositioning

B) competitive depositioning

C) psychological repositioning

D) biased repositioning

E) attribute repositioning



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