91.The AIDA sequence can help a sales manager evaluate a possible sales presentation. 92.Each sales

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91.The AIDA sequence can help a sales manager evaluate a possible sales presentation. 

92.Each sales manager and salesperson needs to think about the AIDA sequence in deciding what sales approach to use and in evaluating a possible presentation. 

93.In general, most sales presentations follow the sequence of stages in the AIDA model. 

Multiple Choice Questions

94.Marketing managers should make specific strategy decisions about: 

A.how many and what kind of salespeople are needed.

B.how salespeople should be compensated and motivated.

C.what kind of sales presentation should be used.

D.how salespeople should be selected and trained.

E.All of these alternatives are correct.

95.For many firms, the largest single operating expense is: 


B.Personal selling

C.Administrative overhead

D.Product management

E.Research and development

96.Personal selling 

A.is important to business firms, but only about 1 percent of the U.S. labor force does personal selling work.

B.is often a company's largest single operating expense.

C.requires only that the sales rep have an engaging smile, a big expense account, and the ability to get along well with people.

D.uses the same techniques around the globe with little variation.

E.None of these alternatives is true.

97.Which of the following statements about personal selling is FALSE? 

A.Good salespeople present both the advantages and the disadvantages of their products.

B.Helping to buy is good selling.

C.Personal selling is often a company's smallest single operating expense.

D.A salesperson is often a representative of the whole company.

E.None of these statements about personal selling is FALSE.

98.At least ________ percent of the total U.S. labor force do sales work. 






99.Sales jobs are a major part of the U.S. economy. About what percentage of employed workers in the U.S. are in some type of sales job? 

A.2 percent

B.5 percent

C.10 percent

D.15 percent

E.20 percent

100.Good marketing managers know that: 

A.most salespeople are “bags of wind.”

B.good salespeople try to help customers buy.

C.the role of the salesperson has been down-graded in business marketing.

D.organizational buyers have little use for salespeople.

E.the salesperson's job is to “get rid of the product.”



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