361.Trying to balance the interests of people who want to drink beer and the dangers of drunk drivin

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361.Trying to balance the interests of people who want to drink beer and the dangers of drunk driving is an example of: 

A.the role of a central market.

B.subsistence marketing.

C.political action.

D.the macro-micro dilemma.

E.the exchange process in marketing.

362.The fact that many Americans want the convenience of driving gas-guzzling trucks and sport utility vehicles — which also contribute disproportionately to pollution and global warming — is an example of 

A.the micro-macro dilemma.

B.discrepancies in customer value.

C.marketing ethics.

D.the responsibilities of the marketer.

E.the marketing concept.

363.The city of St. Louis is encouraging its residents to drink tap water instead of filling its landfills with plastic water bottles. This is an example of: 

A.customer value.

B.economies of scale.

C.the storing function.


E.the micro-macro dilemma.

364.Which of the following is an example of the micro-macro dilemma? 

A.Disposable packages are convenient, but contribute to environmental problems.

B.Children like to ride bicycles, but accidents are common.

C.Sulfites help to keep restaurant salads looking fresh, but some people have a dangerous allergic reaction to sulfites.

D.Jet skis can be fun but can also be dangerous to the driver and others.

E.All of these are examples of the micro-macro dilemma.

365.Which of the following is the BEST example of the micro-macro dilemma? 

A.Many consumers buy imported cars, even though they say they like American cars better.

B.High performance cars are fun to drive but may be dangerous to others.

C.Buying an imported car may cost buyers more to buy now but may have better resale value later.

D.A fuel efficient car may cost more to buy but less to operate.

E.The economy may be growing, but many people still are not able to buy a new car.

366.Which of the following is the BEST example of the micro-macro dilemma? 

A.Pepsi Blue sales went up, but total sales of all soft drinks went down.

B.A small group of loyal consumers really like RC Cola best, but most consumers don't like it at all.

C.The deposit on returnable soft drink bottles is about equal to the cost of the bottle.

D.Paper cups for soft-drinks are convenient, but they often end up as litter along the highway.

E.Snapple beverages are more popular in Texas than in the rest of the U.S.

367.Which of the following is an example of the “micro-macro dilemma?” 

A.A homeowner purchases a ladder but falls off it because he didn't set up the ladder according to the safety instructions posted on it.

B.A person gets a speeding ticket because she was talking on her cell phone while driving and didn't notice a speed limit sign.

C.A person drives without fastening his seat belt even though a warning light and chime remind him to “buckle up.”

D.A person is injured while using a power lawn mower because of a small stone that is hurled from the discharge chute.

E.A restaurant owner uses plastic containers to keep “take-out” food warm for customers, but the containers cannot be reused or recycled.

368.Which of the following is NOT an example of the micro-macro dilemma? 

A.Many people like beer and wine, but drunk driving is a big social problem.

B.Some people like to eat a lot, but later feel guilty about eating too much.

C.A “good” lawn mower can be produced cheaply, but its price must be higher if its design must be safe for “ignorant” users.

D.A smoker may enjoy a cigar, but the smell can make other people sick.

E.Downhill snow skiing is fun, but really quite dangerous.

369.____ refers to a firm's obligation to improve its positive effects on society and reduce its negative effects. 

A.The nonprofit orientation

B.The micro-macro dilemma

C.Marketing ethics

D.Legal obligations

E.Social responsibility

370.Which of the following statements is True regarding social responsibility in marketing? 

A.Being socially responsible usually leads to a negative response from customers.

B.Being socially responsible can conflict with a firm's profit objective.

C.Companies tend to avoid developing written codes of ethics because standards for professional behavior are ambiguous by nature.

D.Firms tend to advance their own short-term interests at the expense of customers.



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