1.A(n) _____ is a subset, or some part, of a larger population. a.slice b.census c.element d.sample

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1.A(n) _____ is a subset, or some part, of a larger population.





2.Which of the following refers to any complete group whose members share some common set of characteristics?





3.An investigation of all the individual elements that make up a population is called a(n)_____.





4.When a company decides to send an Internet survey to all of its 127-member sales force to determine their morale, this is an example of a _____

a.cluster sample

b.multistage area sample



5.All of the following are reasons for using a sample EXCEPT _____.

a.complete enumeration

b.pragmatic reasons

c.accurate and reliable results

d.destruction of test units

6.When a researcher has made the decision to conduct a survey using a sample of the population, the FIRST step in the selection of the sample is to _____.

a.define the target population

b.determine the sample size

c.select the actual sampling units

d.select a sampling frame

7.All of the following are stages in the selection of a sample EXCEPT _____.

a.analyze data

b.select a sampling frame

c.determine sample size

d.conduct fieldwork

8.A list of elements from which the sample may be drawn is called a _____.

a.parameter list

b.probability sample

c.population parameter

d.sampling frame

9.When a researcher wants to study the members of the American Marketing Association and selects a sample from its membership list, the membership list is an example of a _____.

a.reverse directory

b.sampling frame

c.systematic sampling list


10.Which type of error occurs when certain sample elements are excluded or when the entire population is not accurately represented in the sampling frame?

a.Type I error

b.sampling frame error

c.statistical error

d.list error



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