21.A drawback of writing for the Internet is that it has space limitations and does not allow in-dep

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21.A drawback of writing for the Internet is that it has space limitations and does not allow in-depth elaboration like other mediums do. 

22.In international markets, language is the most important consideration for copywriters. 

23.While using translators, a company should ideally ensure that the translator is a generalist rather than a product or market specialist.  

24.National flags are nonverbal signals that stir patriotic emotions, thoughts, and actions. 

25.Advertisers working in global markets must pretest art and design concepts with natives of each country. 

Multiple Choice Questions

26.The term _____ refers to how the art director and graphic artist choose and structure the artistic elements of an ad. 

A. slogan

B. headline

C. design

D. body copy

E. composition

27.A _____ refers to an overall orderly arrangement of all the format elements of an ad.  

A. body copy

B. visual

C. subhead

D. layout

E. headline

28.One purpose of an ad layout is to: 

A. convert symbolic components into verbal components.

B. serve as a blueprint of the ad.

C. decode the message of the ad.

D. give the client an intangible item that can be viewed but cannot be changed.

E. create a rough drawing without details of the different elements of the ad.

29.After developing the initial concepts and layouts for an ad, the primary responsibility of art directors is to:  

A. supervise the ad's progress to completion.

B. draw detailed visuals for the ad.

C. write the body copy and subheads.

D. compose pages using HTML, CSS, and other languages.

E. design collateral materials such as posters and brochures.

30.A(n) _____ is responsible for assembling the various elements of an ad and mechanically putting them together the way the art director indicates. 

A. illustrator

B. web designer

C. graphic designer

D. copy editor

E. production artist


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