36. _____ continually conducts surveys to tally the number of Web sites in existence and track…

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36. _____ continually conducts surveys to tally the number of Web sites in existence and track which Web server software each uses.

a. BBCb. Microsoft

c. Netcraftd. CNN




37. _____ Server has dominated the Web since 1996 because it is free and performs very efficiently.

a. Apache HTTPb. Microsoft IIS

c. UNIXd. Linux




38. A(n) _____ is a program that attaches itself to another program and can cause damage when the host program is activated.

a. e-mail filterb. debugging code

c. computer virusd. dead link




39. A _____ is an unsolicited commercial e-mail.

a. spamb. program

c. virusd. filter




40. A _____ spam filter examines From addresses and compares them to a list of known good sender addresses.

a. black listb. full-privilege

c. tracertd. white list




41. A content-filtering technique where the software that performs the filtering task is placed on individual users’ computers is called _____.

a. server-side scriptingb. client-side scripting

c. client-level filteringd. server-level filtering




42. A _____ program sends data packets to every computer on the path between one computer and another and clocks the packets' round-trip times.

a. Telnetb. Tracert

c. Pingd. Finger




43. _____ programs calculate and display the number of hops between computers and the time it takes to traverse the entire one-way path between machines.

a. Route-tracingb. Indexing

c. Benchmarkingd. Link checker




44. _____ is a program that allows a person using one computer to access files and run programs on a second computer that is connected to the Internet.

a. Telnetb. Ping

c. Fingerd. Tracert




45. The _____ is the part of the TCP/IP rules that defines the formats used to transfer files between TCP/IP-connected computers.

a. black list spam filterb. white list spam filter

c. File Transfer Protocold. Microsoft Internet Information Server





46. A _____, when clicked, displays an error message rather than a Web page.

a. link checkerb. computer virus

c. filterd. dead link




47. A(n) _____ file is a file on a Web server that is not linked to any page.

a. lostb. index

c. orphand. independent




48. Efforts to reduce the environmental impact of large computing installations are called _____ computing.

a. efficientb. green

c. e-conserved. e-wise




49. In the context of Web server performance evaluation, _____ is testing that is used to compare the performance of hardware and software.

a. response timingb. monitoring

c. benchmarkingd. filtering




50. _____ is the number of HTTP requests that a particular hardware and software combination can process in a unit of time.

a. Protocolb. Throughput

c. Filter capacityd. Tracert capacity







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