61. _____ can be accomplished by purchasing goods or services with ill-gotten electronic cash…

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61. _____ can be accomplished by purchasing goods or services with ill-gotten electronic cash and selling them for physical cash on the open market.



62. When a bank buys accounts from another bank, it performs a series of procedures called _____, which include checking the new customers' credit histories and banking records.



63. Near field communication chips embedded in mobile phones are called Osaifu-Keitai in Japan, which translates approximately to _____.



64. A(n) _____, serving a function similar to a physical wallet, holds credit card numbers, electronic cash, owner identification, and other owner contact information.

electronic wallet




65. Google Wallet, Microsoft Windows Live ID, and Yahoo Wallet are examples of _____ digital wallets.



66. Google Wallet, which uses the _____ technology that MasterCard developed for its credit cards, is available for mobile devices.



67. In phishing, _____ use the collected information.



68. _____ are cards that hold value that can be recharged by inserting them into the appropriate machines, inserting currency into the machine, and withdrawing the card; the card’s strip stores the increased cash value.



69. A(n)  _____, also called a stored-value card, can store more than 100 times the amount of information that a magnetic strip plastic card can store.



70. A _____ is a three- or four-digit number printed on a credit card, and is required for card not present transactions.



71. In phishing, the collection of information is done by _____.



72. _____ are created when a hacker plants zombie programs on a large number of computers.



73. When the right to use a zombie farm is sold to an organized crime association that wants to launch a phishing attack, the attack is called a(n) _____.



74. When the e-mails used in a phishing expedition are carefully designed to target a particular person or organization, the exploit is called _____.



75. U.S. laws define _____, as unlawful activities conducted by a highly organized, disciplined association for profit.






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