83. Before Kraft introduced Philadelphia Single Size Cream Cheese Spreads, it test marketed…

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83. Before Kraft introduced Philadelphia Single Size Cream Cheese Spreads, it test marketed them in California markets to see if the amount of the serving was acceptable and to determine the best pricing strategy to use with the new product. This was an example of _____ research. 
A. Experimental
B. Results-oriented
C. Observation
D. Stimulus-response
E. Source-based

84. Which of the following statements about the experimental method of data collection is true? 
A. It is the most commonly used method for gathering primary research data
B. The method is inexpensive and easy to use
C. It is commonly used in the test marketing of new products in isolated geographic areas
D. It is useful in obtaining information on consumer interests and opinions
E. It is commonly used to gather external secondary data

85. NSSF, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, tested the effectiveness of its Original Outdoor Challenge ad campaign with gun retailers in southern California, Oklahoma and New England. The results were promising, with all three businesses experiencing increases in sales, profit, participation and a spike in new shooters asking how to get started in a variety of shooting sports. NSSF plans a national rollout for the campaign. The gun retailers in southern California, Oklahoma and New England were its: 
A. Probability sample
B. Universe
C. Test market
D. Non-probability sample
E. Target market

86. Technology research company Forrester Research has carried out an evaluation of European online retailers by asking consumers on how well the web sites helped them achieve their goals. Which research method was most likely to use to learn consumers perceptions of online retailers? 
A. Experimental
B. Simulation
C. Observation
D. Manipulation
E. Survey

87. The shopper at the health food store was asked by a researcher to look at a magazine ad for a new line of organic soups. The researcher asked her if she liked the ad and if she found the ad credible. What method of pretesting was the researcher using? 
A. Portfolio analysis
B. Central location testing
C. Focused questioning
D. Direct questioning
E. Observational research

88. An advertising researcher could use _____ to measure the effectiveness of a television commercial in getting attention and increasing brand awareness. 
A. Portfolio test
B. Clutter test
C. Perceptual meaning study
D. Paired-comparison method
E. Order-of-merit test

89. Participants were asked what feelings they experienced when they saw the Clydesdale horses in a Budweiser beer seasonal ad and how they felt about those feelings. This is an example of a(n) _____ being used to posttest an ad. 
A. Inquiry test
B. Projective interview
C. Attitude test
D. Sales test
E. Recall test

90. In 2008, Florida's Natural brand orange juice introduced a new marketing campaign to alert consumers that their brand is not made with any imported orange juice. The campaign by the co-op of citrus growers that produce Florida's Natural features television advertisements that question why other premium orange juice brands would use imported juices when America produces such fresh fruit. To determine if this campaign created a positive image for Florida-grown oranges, the co-op could use a(n): 
A. Inquiry test
B. Projective interview
C. Attitude test
D. Sales test
E. Recall test

91. When Jonas was asked to list all of the commercials he remembering seeing when he watched the SEC football game between Alabama and Auburn, he was participating in a(n): 
A. Recall test
B. Projective interview
C. Focus interview
D. Attitude test
E. Inquiry test

92.  is planning to run three different magazine ads inviting consumers to visit its website to learn how you can create a customized closet. The ads will run in the December edition of Martha Steward Living magazine. The ad that generates the most responses will be considered most effective and will be run in future publications. What kind of a test is the resort conducting? 
A. An advertising pretest
B. A sales test
C. A recall test
D. An inquiry test
E. An attitude test



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