11. It is important to note that brand loyalty must be a conscious decision expressed through…

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11. It is important to note that brand loyalty must be a conscious decision expressed through intention or behavior. 
Brand loyalty may be either a conscious or an unconscious decision.

12. One may say that have a need for a Big Mac because they want something to eat. 
Needs are basic forces that motivate us. Wants are learned.

13. The most common energizers of consumer behavior are the negatively originated motives. 

14. An example of negatively-originated motives that energize consumer behavior would be finding the milk carton empty and wanting cereal for breakfast. 

15. Reference groups are people outside of the family they we wish to emulate. 
Family members can be part of our reference group.

16. Choosing a spokesperson to reach a target market is easy when advertisers use opinion leaders. 
To choose an opinion leader to serve as a spokesperson requires the advertiser have a thorough understanding of the target market. This is sometimes difficult.

17. Subcultures tend to transfer their beliefs and values from generation to generation. 

18. When looking for a babysitter, the mother will only consider the teenager next door and a former daycare employee. These two make up her evoked set. 

19. Cognitive dissonance is just as likely to occur for a low-involvement product as for a high-involvement product. 
There is little likelihood of cognitive dissonance with low-involvement products.

20. The FCB grid is used to determine how personal and non-personal factors will influence consumer behavior. 
The FCB grid categorizes consumer into products into four quadrants based on involvement and feel/think and is used to determine which type of advertising would be most appropriate.

21. The Kim-Lord Grid the degree and the kind of involvement a consumer brings to the purchase decision. 



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