71. An advertiser who uses international media: A. Typically uses a highly decentralized…

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71. An advertiser who uses international media: 
A. Typically uses a highly decentralized advertising department
B. Has a flat organizational structure
C. Serves several countries, usually without any change in the advertising
D. Develops a different ad for the local media of each country
E. Typically produces its ads in the language of each country in which it advertises

72. At one time Parker Pens were advertised in 30 different countries with 30 different ad themes in 30 different languages. At that time, Parker Pens would have been a user of: 
A. Multitask advertising
B. Foreign media
C. Global advertising
D. Standardized advertising
E. International media

73. As defined by the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the _____ is an independent organization of creative people and businesspeople that specialize in developing and preparing advertising plans, advertising and other promotional tools. 
A. Creative boutique
B. Promotional facilitator
C. Facilitating intermediary
D. Advertising agency
E. Advertising supplier

74. When compared to an in-house agency and independent advertising agency offers the advantage of a(n): 
A. Better defined strategic plans
B. Stronger organizational mission statement
C. More complete control over all channels of distribution
D. More objective viewpoint to the advertiser's business
E. Lower variable expenses

75. The modern _____ advertising agency supplies both advertising and non-advertising services in all areas of communications and promotion for its clients. 
A. Entrepreneurial
B. Institutional
C. Organizational
D. Full-service
E. Multi-tasking

76. A full-service advertising agency: 
A. Supplies both advertising and non-advertising services in all areas of communications and promotion
B. Should not be expected to produce annual reports, trade show exhibits or sales-training material
C. Is normally classified as one of three basic types-generic, specialist or entrepreneurial
D. Works on a contractual basis and does not accept commissions
E. Is accurately described by all of the above

77. General consumer agencies: 
A. Provide advertising for products that are used in the manufacture of consumer products
B. Concentrate on institutional advertising accounts
C. Represent the widest variety of accounts
D. Are not paid on a commission basis
E. Do not operate internationally

78. A manufacturer of _____ would be most likely to use a business-to-business agency. 
A. Greeting cards
B. Robotic equipment used on manufacturing assembly lines
C. Sailboats
D. Art supplies
E. Monogrammed towels

79. Flexco manufactures rivets used on heavily loaded conveyor belts which carry ore in underground and surface mining operations. Flexco would most likely hire a(n) _____ agency to create the company's advertising. 
A. General consumer
B. Intermediary
C. Institutional
D. Non-commissioned
E. Business-to-business

80. Business-to-business advertising agencies frequently charge their clients service fees because: 
A. Ad rates in trade magazines are lower and the standard agency commission does not generate enough revenue to cover agency costs
B. Business-to-business advertising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission
C. There are very few such agencies and those they will take business-to-business clients are expensive
D. The commission rate on industrial media is only 5 percent
E. The job of creating persuasive communication is more difficult when the audience is concentrated



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