754. Which of the following statements about the importance of direct marketing to integrated…

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754. Which of the following statements about the importance of direct marketing to integrated marketing communications (IMC) is true? 
A. People enjoy thinking of themselves as part of a giant database
B. Direct marketing's growth is closely related to the growth of mass-market audiences
C. By providing a tangible response, direct marketing offers accountability
D. Direct marketing's universality prohibits a direct marketing campaign from being kept secret from the competition
E. Direct marketing campaigns will not be successful if aimed at time-sensitive consumers

55. Which of the following statements describes a reason why an advertiser might decide against using direct marketing? 
A. Direct marketing efforts provide its users with the prestigious affiliation offered by some media
B. Many customers like to be able to use more than their visual senses when they are buying
C. In the past, direct marketers were excessively relationship-oriented; and this gave direct marketers a bad reputation
D. Direct marketing suffers from lack of sufficient clutter
E. All of the above describe reasons why advertisers use direct marketing

56. All direct marketers must make two basic strategy decisions. The first is the extent to which they will use direct sales. The second is: 
A. When they will require the marketing to become interactive
B. When they will need feedback
C. The extent to which they will use direct-response advertising
D. The extent to which they will rely on sales promotion
E. When they will look to publicity to further their promotional effort

57. What are the two primary methods for implementing a direct-sales strategy? 
A. Person-to-person and group sales
B. Personal selling and telemarketing
C. Direct-response selling and telemarketing
D. Internet and telemarketing
E. Order-taker and order-filler

58. _____ is face-to-face selling away from a fixed retail location. 
A. Interactive commerce
B. Direct selling
C. Telemarketing
D. Direct-response marketing
E. Relationship marketing

59. _____ includes selling and prospecting by telephone, answering phone inquires and providing sales-related services to callers. 
A. Data mining
B. Direct response marketing
C. Direct response advertising
D. Relationship marketing
E. Telemarketing

60. Advertising that asks the reader, viewer or listener to provide feedback straight to the sender is called: 
A. Unduplicated marketing
B. Customized marketing
C. Direct-response advertising
D. Advocacy selling
E. Direct-sales advertising

61. In 2005, the airwaves of KFFI-AM were saturated with commercials that asked listeners to dial advertisers' toll-free numbers or visit their Web sites. The approach accounted for nearly half the advertising on KFFI and it's a big reason why the station has climbed nearly to the top of the Los Angeles market in revenues and to No. 4 nationwide. In this example, a broadcast medium is prospering from the use of: 
A. unduplicated marketing
B. Customized marketing
C. Direct-response advertising
D. Advocacy selling
E. Direct-sales advertising

62. When Gwen got her most recent copy of the Mysteries by Mail catalog, she was pleased to find that the catalog contained a short story by her favorite author, Margaret Maron. The catalog promised that short stories would be a regular feature of the catalog and Gwen is looking forward to receiving her next one. Which of the following describes the most likely reason why the catalog plans to include short stories by popular authors? 
A. To create a stronger need to respond to the catalog's product mix
B. To help it stand out from the glut of catalogs
C. To create a new, useful kind of clutter
D. To increase the product life cycle
E. To enhance its creation of a customer database

63. Which of the following is the best example of direct-response print advertising? 
A. An advertorial
B. A mailing from a travel agency that asks you to explain why your spouse deserves a dream vacation
C. The opening Web page for
D. A magazine ad that asks you to call a toll-free number for more information
E. An unsolicited e-mail that asks you to buy the services of a company that creates web pages



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