Multiple Choice Questions 45. The overall responsibility of a(n) ______ is to keep the project…

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Multiple Choice Questions

45. The overall responsibility of a(n) ______ is to keep the project moving smoothly and under budget, while maintaining the required level of quality through every step of the production of a commercial for an electronic media. 
A. Account planner
B. Producer
C. Art director
D. Print production manager
E. Cinematographer

46. A(n) _____ job is to translate rough or comprehensive designs into mechanicals and then to convert the mechanicals into negatives that a printer can use to make printing plates. 
A. Creative director's
B. Print production manager's
C. Account planner's
D. Print director's
E. Producer's

47. Which of the following traditional management functions is NOT performed by both the producer and production managers? 
A. Planning
B. Organizing
C. Researching
D. Directing
E. Controlling

48. Justin brand boots have an ad, which shows a collage of photos of people enjoying life while wearing Justin boots. Which of the following will most likely cause the ad to have gone over budget? 
A. The various locations used to create the collage
B. Failure to get permissions to use the sites before the shooting day
C. The special lighting needed to replicate sunsets
D. The cost of the medium in which the ad was run
E. Providing the actor's wardrobe

49. Which of the following is NOT cited as common budget busters in the production of commercials? 
A. Too few decision makers
B. Inadequate planning
C. Production luxuries
D. Special equipment
E. Lack of preparation

50. _____ is the systematic process that a layout for an approved ad goes through from concept to final printing. 
A. Ad composition
B. Visual composition
C. Art production
D. Print production
E. Creative design

51. _____ is the process of converting a script or storyboard into a finished commercial for use on radio, TV or digital media. 
A. Electronic production
B. Digital mixing for media
C. Multimedia composition
D. Art production
E. Creative design

52. If the budget is small and the retailer needs to promote an upcoming sale, _____ it would spend the least amount of money producing a commercial for: 
A. A theater showing
B. Radio
C. Broadcast television
D. Network television
E. A kiosk

53. Why is radio the least expensive electronic medium on which to produce an ad? 
A. Local pricing keeps costs low
B. The Federal Communications Commission controls the cost of radio commercials
C. Radio appeals only to the one sense-sound
D. The cost of duplicating radio commercials to digital tape is low
E. Talent does not influence the effectiveness or cost of radio commercials

54. When union-member Latitia Lawrence was hired to appear as a waitress in an IHOP commercial, she would have been paid: 
A. A residual fee
B. A bargained fee
C. Scale
D. With free store credits
E. A stock fee



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