66) A(n) ________ group is a type of reference group that has an integrated pattern of activities, i

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66) A(n) ________ group is a type of reference group that has an integrated pattern of activities, interests, and opinions.

67) ________ research combines both demographic and psychological data and divides a market into different groups based on social class, lifestyle, and/or personality characteristics.

68) ________ behavior refers to the transaction log that consumers establish as they move about the Web from site to site.

69) The ________ asserts that, with complete price transparency in a perfect information marketplace, one world price for every product will emerge.

70) A consumer's decision to purchase from a particular store because of the wide variety and number of products available is called the ________ effect.

71) Displaying online ads for high-end kitchen utensils to consumers who have purchased gourmet cookbooks is an example of ________ targeting.

72) ________ refers to the difference between the highest and lowest prices in a market.

73) The ________ is a mapping of all significant online social relationships.

74) To answer a question such as “At what time of day does our company sell the most products?” you would use ________ data mining.

75) Specialized marketing firms called ________ sell ad opportunities from a range of participating sites that receive payment for displaying ads.

76) In ________, one Web site agrees to pay another Web site a commission for new business opportunities it refers to the site.

77) ________ is the process of getting customers to pass along a company's marketing message to friends, family, and colleagues.

78) Conversations between a firm and the consumers of its products in various forums such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter feeds are referred to collectively as ________.

79) ________ refers to the process of using the power of an existing brand to acquire new customers for a new product or service.

80) ________ occurs when a new venue for selling products or services threatens to destroy existing venues.



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