89. (p. 466) Define a magazine’s primary circulation. 90. (p. 466) On what circulation basis are

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89. (p. 466) Define a magazine's primary circulation. 

90. (p. 466) On what circulation basis are business publications usually distributed? 

91. (p. 467) What are the three dates that affect magazine purchases? 

92. (p. 467) Calculate the cost per thousand (CPM) for a magazine if the full-page rate is $750.00 and its circulation is 30,000. 

93. (p. 470) How often must a newspaper be published to be considered a daily? 

94. (p. 471) What are the two basic newspaper formats on the basis of physical size? 

95. (p. 472) List the four major classifications of newspaper advertising. 

96. (p. 474) What are combination rates? 



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