31. (p. 9) Which of the following is the best example of a good? A. Math…

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31. (p. 9) Which of the following is the best example of a good? 

A. Math tutoring

B. A car wash

C. Greeting cards

D. An accountant's tax preparation business

E. A dry cleaner's spot removal certification guarantee

32. (p. 9) Which of the following is the best example of a service? 

A. A 2-year warranty on gym equipment

B. A how-to book on losing weight

C. Flowers for Mother's Day

D. Gift wrapping paper sold as an elementary school fund-raiser

E. A social worker's PDA that lists all clients by area of need

33. (p. 9) Advertising reaches us through a channel of communication referred to as a: 

A. feedback.

B. medium.

C. public service message.

D. distribution channel.

E. noise.

34. (p. 9) Internet is an example of _____ media. 

A. interactive

B. print

C. nontraditional

D. broadcasting

E. addressable

35. (p. 9) Which of the following is NOT an example of an advertising medium? 

A. The Internet

B. Broadcast television

C. Newspaper

D. Word-of-mouth

E. A NASCAR automobile

36. (p. 9) Which of the following statements about advertising media is true? 

A. WOM is a type of advertising media.

B. Addressable media and interactive media are synonyms.

C. The Internet is classified as a noninteractive advertising medium.

D. An advertising medium is any nonpersonal means used to present an ad to a target market.

E. WOM is a more structured type of media than most other mass media.

37. (p. 10) In-store advertising is commonplace. A retail network operates the network of televisions prominently positioned at high-traffic locations in more than 3,000 stores nationwide. In 2005, the company offered the store the opportunity to target Hispanic customers by offering bilingual content in stores that have the highest concentration of Spanish-speaking customers. Which of the following statements about this new tactic is FALSE? 

A. The flat screen televisions are the channel.

B. The network will encode the advertising messages.

C. The store is the source.

D. The store's customers will decode the advertising messages.

E. High-traffic locations are the feedback.

38. (p. 10) In terms of the application of the human communication process to advertising, the restaurant owner who read all of the copy in an ad for the international trade show for people in the food and drink industry would be a(n): 

A. encoder.

B. medium.

C. receiver.

D. source.

E. channel.

39. (p. 10) There is an ad for pretzels in a women's magazine. In terms of applying the human communication process model to advertising, the magazine serves as a(n): 

A. encoder.

B. medium.

C. receiver.

D. source.

E. channel.

40. (p. 11-12) To the consumers of cosmetics, Halle Berry, who appears as a spokesperson in commercials, is a(n): 

A. encoder.

B. sponsor.

C. media personality.

D. author.

E. persona.



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