21. (p. 18) The three specialized types of business advertising are trade,…

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21. (p. 18) The three specialized types of business advertising are trade, professional, and retail. 

22. (p. 19) Companies that do not compete on price typically use image advertising to create a particular perception of the company or personality for the brand. 

23. (p. 19) The only element in the marketing strategy that does not influence the type of advertising to be used is the element of place. 

24. (p. 25) The objectives of awareness advertising are to create an image for a product and to position it competitively with the goal of getting readers or viewers to select the brand the next time they shop. 

25. (p. 26) Companies use media advertising, also known as collateral materials, to communicate information about themselves and their brands. 


Multiple Choice Questions


26. (p. 8) _____ is the structured and composed nonpersonal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products or ideas by identified sponsors through various media. 

A. Marketing

B. Sales promotion

C. Advertising

D. Personal selling

E. Collateral materials

27. (p. 8) Which of the following statements about advertising is true? 

A. Advertising is considered individual communication.

B. Advertising is just a business process.

C. Advertising has an identifiable sponsor.

D. Advertising is unstructured communication.

E. Marketing communications are just one type of advertising.

28. (p. 9) Because advertising is typically directed to groups of people rather than to individuals, advertising is referred to as: 

A. a non-persuasive communication.

B. a network medium.

C. a general medium.

D. non-directed communication.

E. mass communication.

29. (p. 9) When Oren buys a cup of coffee to drink and when Joachim buys a newspaper to read on the train, both are acting as: 

A. buying centers.

B. consumers.

C. reference groups.

D. strategic points of service.

E. opinion leaders.

30. (p. 9) Andy Gee operates a catering business that can prepare barbecue for 2,000 people. In a trade journal, Gee learned about a new kind of meat thermometer that was designed to operate in temperatures as high as 290?C. Gee used _____ to become familiar with this new product. 

A. encoded message

B. public service message

C. mass communications


E. intangible services



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