41. (p. 344) What are the three components of the message strategy? A. Verbal, nonverbal, and…

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41. (p. 344) What are the three components of the message strategy? 

A. Verbal, nonverbal, and technical

B. Creative definition, creative execution, and creative implementation

C. Copy, illustrations, and layout

D. The informational, transactional, and transformational dimensions

E. An objective statement, a support statement, and a brand personality

42. (p. 344) The _____ component of the message strategy would include budgets, scheduling limitations, and mandatories. 

A. creative definition

B. informational

C. transactional

D. technical

E. transformational

43. (p. 344) Any ad for Samsonite luggages must contain its slogan, “Life's a Journey” and the Samsonite logo. These required ad elements are referred to as: 

A. visual enhancers.

B. evaluative criteria.

C. ad perquisites.

D. ad stipulations.

E. mandatories.

44. (p. 344) Toshiba office equipment illustrates the problems of corporate espionage with an ad that shows a copier just after it has stolen a woman's pocketbook. The woman is screaming, and the copier is rolling away with the purse. The comparison of a purse snatching copier to corporate espionage is an example of how _____ can be used in advertising. 

A. selective perception

B. memory files

C. creativity

D. the creative wheel

E. reinforcement

45. (p. 344) The print ad for the a new Clinique perfume shows a photograph with flames coming out of the sprayer and wrapping around the bottle to show how the perfume heats up passion. The creation of a burning bottle of perfume is an example of: 

A. selective perception.

B. memory files.

C. creativity.

D. the creative wheel.

E. retention.

46. (p. 344-345) An ad from National Peanut Board advises its readers that peanut butter is “like an energy bar with curves.” The ad's illustration shows peanut butter thickly spread on a bagel to indicate how peanut butter can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle. In this example, creativity was used to: 

A. inform customers how cost effective peanut butter is.

B. persuade bagel manufacturers to carry on-package peanut butter coupons.

C. inform customers of the benefits you get from using peanut butter.

D. convince customers to eat peanut butter even if they can find something healthier to eat.

E. persuade retailers to carry peanut butter.

47. (p. 344-345) Best Buy retail stores carry many brands and styles of television monitors. In fact, its slogan is “Thousands of Possibilities.” You could almost say the ad has a “sea of televisions,” which is why it shows a customer and his new TV rowing through hundreds of television sets. What technique did the creative director use to help the advertising be more persuasive? 

A. Nonverbal analogy

B. Visual metaphor

C. Role-playing

D. Selective perception

E. An observational appeal

48. (p. 346) An ad for Asian Sensations' newest product line of snack foods encourages its readers to “Thai something new.” In this example, the word play is used to: 

A. persuade consumers to try the new snack food.

B. inform customers that Asian Sensations is a nutritious breakfast.

C. persuade customers to buy multiple packages of the Asian Sensations snack food.

D. persuade retailers to carry Asian Sensations snack food.

E. remind customers that Asian Sensations was still available even if it was not carried by their supermarket.

49. (p. 346) Which of the following colors is seen as the symbol of health and freshness? 

A. Brown

B. Blue

C. Green

D. Orange

E. Yellow

50. (p. 346) Which of the following colors conveys sophistication and high-end merchandise? 

A. Silver

B. Black

C. Green

D. Blue

E. Gold



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