Mondelez Bakes Development into Its Talent Strategy Mondeléz International is one of the largest sna

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Mondelez Bakes Development into Its Talent Strategy Mondeléz International is one of the largest snack companies in the world. Its corporate name might be unfamiliar, but some of its brands will ring a bell: Oreo cookies, Ritz crackers, Toblerone chocolate bars, Trident gum, and Halls cough drops, to name a few. With famous brands and customers in 160 countries, the company needs a continuing supply of management talent to keep the business growing. The leaders recognition of this is evident in the company's strategy statement, which includes the objective to “grow our people” through efforts including training and “world-class career experiences.” One of its notable talent initiatives, called FI, is aimed at developing greater business insight among its finance professionals. The program begins with 12 weeks of formal education in the Financial Acumen Skills Training (FAST) program. FAST participants work in teams to complete a computerized business simulation. Team membership intentionally brings together participants from different locations, so they can build a wider professional network. The teams compete to see which will do the best job of restoring performance at a fictional company facing multiple difficulties. Because they are geographically spread out, they have to deal with the realities of a global economy, arranging meetings very early and late in the day to accommodate different time zones. The winning team is the one with the highest overall score on revenues, income, and cash flow, plus the smallest variance from plan. Bruce Gladden, chief financial officer of Mondelez, emphasizes the importance of professional relationships. He insists that the senior managers in his group coach the employees participating in the FAST program, and he evaluates the managers performance. The coaching content is important to Gladden, and so is the way that the act of coaching demonstrates to employees at all Page 266 levels that Mondeléz values them. In addition, for employees across functions, Mondeléz International offers challenging job experiences to those who participate in the company's social-impact program. The program, building on the company's purpose statement to “create more moments of joy,” sends Joy Ambassadors-teams of about 15 employees-to cocoa-farming communities in Ghana. These “ambassadors” work alongside farmers and visit processing plants and schools to learn about the challenges and opportunities facing the communities. Applying their own knowledge and skills to what they observe, the teams develop and teach ideas for building a more successful farming economy. The experience develops teamwork and problem-solving skills and inspires employees by giving them a meaningful way to contribute. At the same time, it strengthens a key ingredient and brings sustainable agriculture to a part of the world where the need is on for the supply chain that Mondeléz depends great. Questions 1. What kinds of value could Mondelèz International reasonably expect to get from the development programs described in this case? 2. How might a career management process increase the value of these development programs?

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