RED 625: Real Estate Market Analysis Of United States – Report Writing Assignment Help Task :…

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RED 625: Real Estate Market Analysis Of United States – Report Writing Assignment Help

Task :

Market Analysis

The final assignment is a real-world application of the market analysis skills you will develop in class. To provide an opportunity for comprehensive analysis within the 7.5-week course format the final project will be segmented in three distinct reports. For the first assignment, you will identify a real estate market of your choice, prepare a summary of key demographics, and interpret local housing/ commercial property data as described below. For the second assignment, you will perform a supply and demand analysis to describe overall market conditions for development, and synthesize your findings in a detailed analysis using information provided in class. Finally, you will identify a specific market segment (residential, commercial, office, industrial, retail) and focus on key indicators you identified in your previous research to determine the optimal time and manner to respond to market opportunities in your area of interest.

The first two report sections should be between 5-7 single spaced pages in length, with the final assignment designed to assemble the entire report together with an executive summary and recommendations section. The entire paper should not exceed 20 pages, exclusive of any bibliography and technical appendices. While charts, graphs and tables are an important part of a market analysis and will count toward your final page length, you will be evaluated based on your analysis of information rather than the simple presentation of data. If a chart, graph or table is provided it must be explained and reflected upon within the context of your report, or otherwise be included as part of a technical appendix. Additional detail regarding content expectations of each section is as follows:

Demographics and Market Overview due 11/4

General Economic Conditions: Provide an overview of key macroeconomic indicators, trends, and forecasts affecting your chosen real estate market at the national, state, region, and county level.

Population and Households: Provide and analyze information on population density, mobility patterns (intra-urban, immigration and emigration), household demographic characteristics (i.e. age levels, type of households) and socioeconomic aspects (educational levels, employment status, housing tenure, household income by income range, housing demand by income range, and median and mean household/family income and poverty).

Local Market Factors: Provide and analyze data on industrial composition, primary employers, resident employment, fastest growing occupations and pay rates; employment status by industry sector, income levels and percentage of people earning at or above the minimum wage; employment base, percentage continuously employed during the previous year and unemployment rates.

*Please note first-person interviews with local agents, brokers, trade associations, and developers are encouraged but not required. All sources of data obtained from local, regional, state, and national resources shall be documented in accordance with university policy.

Housing and Commercial Stock: Include a longitudinal analysis that encompasses past performance and provides general characteristics of the area’s stock. Analyze current housing and commercial characteristics or lack thereof such as housing types (single family, duplex, multifamily, etc.), dwelling type (one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three- bedroom, multifamily, etc.) and conditions.

Supply & Demand Analysis Due 11/25

Rental Supply and Demand – Provide an analysis on general characteristics, such as rental housing and commercial supply and demand, area absorption rates (occupancy and vacancy rates), under construction inventory, demolitions and vacant land, demolitions and redevelopment, median housing and commercial rents, number of rental housing and commercial permits; number of affordable units compared to market-rate and growth trends.

Sale Supply and Demand – Provide an analysis on general characteristics such as current sales, housing supply and demand, area absorption rates (occupancy and vacancy rates), amount of redevelopment/new construction in the area, housing trends, vacant land and commercial values; sales activity by property type and value, number of housing permits, growth trends and demand.

Regulatory Factors – Provide an analysis on regulatory issues (permitting and zoning), tax base, unit density, foreclosures and mortgage resets; current supply of undeveloped land; number of demolitions, rehabilitation, and condo conversions; property maintenance and development replacement costs.

Area of Interest/ Gap Analysis – Identify your area of interest and using available data assess the strength of the local market through a surplus and leakage analysis and describe gaps in your intended area of interest.

I. Executive Summary – Provide a general overview of the study’s approach, strategies, and recommendations as in a 1-2-page Executive Summary. Include an explanation of the study’s methodology and data sources.

II. Demographics and Market Inventory

III. Supply and Demand Analysis

IV. Recommendations – Prepare a 1-2 page recommendations section focusing on the indicators you have identified to determine the optimal time and manner to respond to market opportunities in your area of interest.

V. Bibliography & Technical Appendices

VI. 7-10 minute PowerPoint Presentation – Provide an overview of market report and findings.

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