course work two question about nuclear weapons

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  1. Many people wonder if geographers can get jobs in the real world. As a matter of fact, I worked under the supervision of one of my geography professors who did contract work with the US Department of Defense (DoD). Some projects were developing wind models in urban terrain to conduct what if scenarios. I was responsible for the mapping component. Some of the projects were: a) What if there was explosion at the Tosco Oil Refinery in Rodeo? How would the toxic cloud disperse downwind?; b) How would a simulated chemical or biological toxic plume behave when released at the US Army’s urban warfare facility?; c) What if there was a chemical or biological attack at the 2000 presidential inauguration on the Washington Mall?; d) What if there was a similar attack at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City?

    By mid-year 2001, we were negotiating with higher-ups where the model footprints should be located for the 2002 Olympic scenario. I argued closer to the University of Utah campus where some of the Olympic athletes would be staying. The DoD agency wanted the model footprints closer to city center. By early September, you all now know what occurred on the 11th. The hypothetical and theoretical became real for us but not under the assumptions we were working with. The wind models did not take into consideration passenger airplanes fully-loaded with jet fuel. We were not stunned by the events because we worked under the assumption of not if, but when. By late September we got the green light to go with the project with all speed. That was then we found out who the DoD agency was, The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Needless to say in a post-9/11 world, I can no longer work on those projects because I do not have clearance. But be aware that my old professor still does. You will be watching a video about DTRA. Also be aware that the scenario shown in the video will reference, “Katie, you got GIS?” Geographic information systems are computer hardware-software mapping programs we use to produce maps and conduct what if scenarios as what I worked on and what is seen in the video. Review the US Bureau of Labor Statistics on what geographers do. Are there any careers that appeal to you? Briefly explain.

  2. After reading the nuclear weapons reading and watching thenuclear weapons video1, Video2 and Video 3 (only to the 08:20)you will be working under a hypothetical situation that you are the representative of an organization (you are free to choose) and will argue for the United States to: a) modernize its nuclear arsenal; b) eliminate its nuclear arsenal; or c) draw down its nuclear arsenal by conforming to international treaties such as the New START treaty. Briefly explain why you believe your stance is the optimal one for the US.

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