crij 4356 law and society exam 2 chapters 4 5

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  1. CHAPTER 4 (30 points)An understanding of law can come from any number of sources. Which of the schools of jurisprudence, in your opinion, most accurately explains, or attempts to explain, law in our society today?
  2. CHAPTER 4 (10 points)Discuss some of the major contributions feminists such as Carol Gilligan and Catharine MacKinnon have made. Why is it important to have such a school of jurisprudence? Will women ever have an equal voice in law?
  3. CHAPTER 4 (10 points)What can narrative jurisprudence bring to the study of law? Do you think law can accurately be portrayed through literary works?
  4. CHAPTER 5 (30 points)It seems ironic that sociological scholarship has expanded in many countries yet alone occupies a marginal status in law schools. Do you think that the law and society movement should be given more attention, especially in law schools that are supposedly preparing men and women for careers in which they will be serving society? Explain.
  5. CHAPTER 5 (10 points)Compare and contrast the theories of Karl Marx with those of Emile Durkheim. In what ways do their ideas differ the most, especially in their view of law?
  6. CHAPTER 5 (10 points)Do you agree with Susan Silbey when she characterizes globalization as a form of postmodern colonialism? Do you feel that as we move through the twenty-first century, the expansion of transnational law and the concern of globalization will do more harm than good?

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