apache server lab easy to do lab just need to answer the questions about the lab will need to send an email with few attachments as studypool will not let me upload html files

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Exercise 5-1

  1. Create a directory under ‘htdocs’ named ‘exercises’ and a subdirectory ‘week_5’.
  2. Add the file ‘ex5_1.html’ from the ‘Example Files’ folder to this directory.
  3. Add directives in your configuration file to deny access from all hosts but to allow overrides from ‘.htaccess’ files. What directives did you use?
  4. Restart Apache and try accessing this file. What do you see?
  5. What directives can you add to the associated access file to allow access from all hosts? Add these directives and try accessing the file.

Exercise 5-2

  1. In your ‘week_5’ directory add the file ‘ex5_2.html’.
  2. How can you modify your configuration to allow the display of the ‘ex5_2.html’ file but not the ‘ex5_1.html’ file using the <Files> or <FilesMatch> directives?

Exercise 5-3

  1. Uncomment the “mod_headers” module in your “httpd.conf” file.
  2. In your ‘week_5’ directory add the file ‘ex5_3.html’.
  3. Add the following directive in your configuration file: Header set ResponseTime %D
  4. Restart Apache and set your browser URL to access the file ‘ex5_3.html’.
  5. View the Response Headers using the developer tools.
  6. Do you see the new header ResponseTime? What is it’s value?

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