2 paragraphs about solar radiation and outgoing longwave radiation 1

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Professor’s Instructions:

After learning about various heat transfer methods for the Earth’s atmosphere, consider how a balance between incoming solar radiation and outgoing longwave radiation must be maintained in order to keep annual temperatures the same. Climate scientists are mostly worried about this imbalance, especially the decrease of outgoing longwave radiation that would lead to a warming of the atmosphere. At the Pierce College Weather Station (www.piercecollegeweather.com (Links to an external site.)), we can track these types of radiation and get a sense for the radiation budget and resulting temperature at Pierce College.

I want you to share your observations of how your local community might be impacting a global imbalance. Comment on changes in landscape (urbanization), automobile use, or industry pollution that may add to the delay or reduction of outgoing longwave radiation escaping to space.

(For the section about my community, you can talk about automobile use because it’s the most general topic)

Must be at least 2 paragraphs, 5 sentences each paragraph, and free of spelling and grammar errors.

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