write 3 paragraphs on the hopi

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Prepare to write an essay of about three paragraphs on:

Write an essay on the Hopi. Cover 2-3 dimensions (e.g., ritual, myth, doctrine, ethics, social life, etc.) in your discussion of Hopi religion. To conclude, make a few comparisons with Judaism. The two key factors in the essay are comprehensiveness and depth. For comprehensiveness, make sure the essay covers the basic requirements. Here three things are important: make sure to discuss 2-3 dimensions of religion, discuss 2-3 points in your discussion of a dimension, and make sure to fulfill the last sentence in the description (i.e., comparison with Judaism, description of Reform/Conservative Judaism, discussion on Protestants). For depth, do more than just use words of description (e.g., Shabbat, monotheism, premillennialism). Discuss the main points in your essay in a few sentences.

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