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MKT 250

Covering Chapters 1-4 only

Each response should contain at least 4 sentences, however if you go over 4 sentences it’s fine.

This scenario encompasses questions 1-4 only from Chapter 1

Carol Veldt, owner of Seagull Terrace, watched her investment grow from a small, seaside motel to a thriving year-round resort in just a few years. Atop a bluff overlooking the Maine coast, Seagull Terrace had attracted thousands of visits during the summer months, but then faced a tremendous downturn in business during the winter months. “But, given the industry in the nearby towns, very little year-round competition, and our close proximity to Portland,” Carol added, “I couldn’t understand why seasonality had to hit Seagull Terrace so hard!”

So Carol spent her first winter devising a new marketing plan. She put together a promotional package designed to attract business travelers year-round. Carol’s plan, then, involved a seasonal promotional gimmick—to be implemented from late winter to late spring—that would attract the large summer crowd. Her idea worked! During her second winter, Carol greeted numerous business travelers—both satisfied repeat guests as well as new guests who had been snagged by her promotional appeals.

“We still have a long way to go,” Carol Veldt admitted. “Our delicatessen offers delicious entrees, but we’d like to expand that. We provide health club privileges off-site, but we’d like to eventually provide our own. These are goals I hope to achieve in a few years. Our first project, however, included a renovation of our guest rooms and I’m quite proud of the results.” Carol then added, “Actually there are so many possibilities! With an indoor pool area, I will eventually offer weekend get-aways throughout winter.”

  1. This question relates to the scenario above. Based on the marketing process, what are Carol Veldt’s strengths?

2. This question relates to the scenario above. What is included in the marketing offer at Seagull Terrace?

3. This question relates to the scenario above. How is Carol Veldt attempting to create brand experiences for her visitors?

4. This question relates to the scenario above. Define the target market at Seagull Terrace.

5. What role do the four P’s play in consumer behavior?

6. How did the industrial revolution affect the manner in which business is conducted today?

7. What are the 4 aspects of segmenting your target market?

8. List and discuss the three different types of income, additionally, indicate the type of income that consumer would use for dining out, going to see a movie, or buying a new pair of shoes.

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