Florida Atlantic University Social Identity Sociology Discussion

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Goal 1. Demonstrate understanding of sociological theories and concepts related to social
identity (including, but not limited to race, gender, class, sexuality, etc.).
Assessment 1. This goal will be assessed via the terms and concepts noted in the annotation.
Beyond naming the concepts, students should be able to define the concepts clearly.

Goal 2. Have students engage in “application” of concepts to their lives and social contexts.
Assessment 2. This goal will be assessed via students’ abilities to connect the term/concept
chosen to cultural meanings apparent in song lyrics.

Annotated Playlist Requirements and Expectations:
1. All content in the annotated playlist must focus on issues related to an identity or
identities. All course concepts should come from the lectures in Module 6 or connections
to assigned readings in Module 6. Concepts and ideas from earlier modules are welcome,
but you only will be graded on the content from Modules 6 and 7.
2. Each playlist must include 5 songs, and annotations for each. Each song annotation must
be accompanied with the following information:
a. Artist(s)
b. Genre
c. Year the song was released
3. 5 pages double spaced, one page per annotation.
4. While I encourage a creative approach to this assignment, each playlist must include the

a. Original thought/writing: your own thoughts expressed critically and clearly
b. Quotes—from course readings and lectures
c. Lyrics/melodic expression/music video scenes explanations—evidence derived
from the song itself.

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