five short essays for law class

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You will craft five essays. Out of the eight questions, you will select five to answer in a short-essay format (2 to 4 paragraphs per question).

Questions (select five):

1.  You have been hired to construct a risk management plan for an indoor sport-specific training facility. Please list and thoroughly discuss the five components that must be included in this plan.

2.  You are a Division I athletic director at a Conference USA institution.  At the end of this past women’s basketball season you had to fire the head coach after she had served as head coach for the last seven years. You are in the process of hiring a new head coach for your women’s basketball program. Prior to starting this process you are going to need to set some parameters for this position. List and discuss, in detail, five important questions that need to be answered regarding the new head coach’s contract. Make sure that you thoroughly discuss how each question affects the construction of this contract. 

3.  This is a two-part question: 1) List and define the collective bargaining process and 2) list and discuss the three (3) biggest impacts the CBA process has had on professional sports. 

4.  Your firm has been hired to give a presentation on the organizational structure of the International Olympic Committee to the newest U.S. Olympic Team Track and Field members. List and discuss the central items you will include in this presentation. Make sure that you provide enough information so that the Track and Field members understand the various governing bodies and how each affects the rules and regulations for each track and field sport.

5.  You are the athletic director at Washington High School in South Carolina. Your high school football team has just won the state championship.  The day after your game, someone from a rival high school makes a call to the South Carolina State High School Association claiming that Washington High School had an ineligible player on its title team. The State High School Association (SCSHSA) shows up at your office the next day and informs you of this complaint and asks to see all of your player records. The claim stated that one of your players falsified his residency so he could attend Washington.  List and discuss at least three (3) policies or procedures you would have in place to ensure all of your high school student-athletes are in compliance with state association residency policies.

6.  Billy heads to the Boston Country Club to play a round of golf. Billy is a very good golfer and usually shoots in the low 70s for 18 holes. This is the first time Billy is playing the BCC. After warming up on the range, Billy gets in his golf cart and heads to the first tee. At the first tee the starter, Mr. Kelly, takes Billy’s ticket and wishes him good luck. Billy plays the first three holes at even par. The fourth hole is a short par 3 with an elevated tee box with the green some 100 feet below the tee box. After hitting his tee shot on the green, Billy gets in his cart and starts to drive down the hill. As he continues, the cart path makes a severe right turn. Billy is unaware of this turn, and in an attempt to make it, he turns the steering wheel hard to the right. The golf cart begins to make the hard right turn, but Billy has turned the wheel too quickly and the golf cart flips over and rolls down the hill. Billy stays in the golf cart until it comes to rest at the bottom of the hill. However, Billy is pinned under the cart. Another group of golfers sees the accident and calls 911. Eventually, Billy is taken to the hospital. He has suffered a broken neck and two cracked ribs, and his injuries will prevent him from returning to work for a year. Billy retains a lawyer, Mr. Buck, and through a short question-and-answer session Mr. Buck believes they have a solid negligence case. List and briefly discuss each of the areas Mr. Buck needs to prove for a negligence case. (Cite examples to support your statements.)

7.  A situation has recently occurred at Platt High School (PHS). A fight broke out in the stands at a Conference Championship Friday night football game between PHS and Elon High School. Attendance for this game was standing room only and the fight broke out between students from each high school. The fight continued for more than 10 minutes and spilled out onto the field of play. At the time of the fight, only two police officers were present. You have been called in to speak to the PHS administration regarding negligence and ways to prevent another incident like this. In detail, please discuss what you would say regarding negligence law and the necessary prevention measures that need to be implemented to reduce the future likelihood of another fight.

8.  Define trademark and copyright. List and discuss at least three (3) reasons/benefits a sport organization receives by trademarking a logo or catchphrase. Please provide specific examples to support your response. 

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