financial management lesson 6

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Lesson 6

Welcome to Week 6!

This week you will be exposed to Corporate Finance. Specifically, you will be able to describe tools of capital budgeting, forecasting and management of current assets as well as examine internal rate of return and net present value.

Provide a Stock Selection Updates

  • What changes occurred in the Watch list?
  • What investments do you have in your portfolio?
  • Have you purchased or sold any stock?

Your Awards

Awards are rewarded in exchange for completing simulator activities and/or goals (such as performing certain types of trades or reaching a specific ranking). “Street Cred” point values are assigned to each award. A higher point value indicates a more challenging task. In Investopedia, click on each “Info” link to learn how to unlock these awards. Have fun earning these different awards and keep checking back for new regular and special bonus awards!

· Try and gain the 1st reward

· Make changes to your portfolio trade any negative changes

Review the Capital Budgeting PowerPoint Presentation.

Complete the Week 6 Quiz.

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