final project volunteers of america

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For this final project you should discuss your focal agency. Your paper should be 10 to 12 pages in length.

man charting plan on a glass wallWhat needs to be included in the project:

  1. DESCRIPTION OF THE AGENCY AND ITS PROGRAMS. This should be sufficiently developed to give a good sense of the agency philosophy and mission, goals and objectives, organizational structure, target population, services offered, funding sources, etc.
  2. HOW SERVICES ARE DELIVERED.This discussion should include all the issues in providing human services, for example: the assessment process, service planning, monitoring, brokering, client/agency relationship including such issues as cultural competence, empowerment etc, community/agency interaction such as mobilizing, social policy development, advocating, linking to the external environment, and finally, networking, helping models, case management, etc. 
  3. DISCUSSION OF HOW THIS DELIVERY SYSTEM IS EVALUATEDto measure whether it is effective. Develop the discussion of how the delivery of services in your agency is evaluated/assessed to measure whether it is effective. Using the assigned readings and other sources, provide a coherent development of methods, devices and/or models that you would use to evaluate the service delivery system.

Remember, you should first define, explain, and discuss all the above terms, concepts, processes, by referencing the course readings. Then you need to discuss how these concepts and processes are applied to your agency. PLEASE USE APA FORMAT.


Volunteers Of America Project Outline

I. Description about the agency

A. Agency Values

B. Mission

C. Rules and Policies

D. Work Roles

E. Particular Demographics

II. Distribution of Required Task

A. IntakeProcedures

B. Independent Living Plan

C. Screening Process

D. Negotiation

E.  Consumer agency relationship

F. Agency interaction with community

G. Cultural Interaction

H. System of Connections

I.  Approach to problem solving & Linkages

III. Valuation

A. Employee Performance and capability

B. Observing and assessing agency progress

C. Observing and assessing client’s progress

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